Financial Aid

If you are considering applying for financial aid to assist with the cost of going abroad, be sure to work that element into your personal timeline as well. Some foundations, such as Rotary International, require applications over one year in advance.

There is information about grants, fellowships and scholarships, and loans on this website (see below for links). Keep in mind that meticulous and early planning is always critical to obtain financial aid. In addition to focusing on the internal Financial Aid, you might need to look for external opportunities.

SOLES Scholarships

Visit SOLES Scholarship website to explore SOLES loans and scholarships. Domestic students should also file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) prior to applying for additional funding.

USD International Center 

The USD International Center has created a web page with a comprehensive list of study abroad scholarships. Although the resources are targeted at undergraduate students, there are a number of resources for which graduate students may be eligible.


More and more students are looking into crowd funding options to support their study abroad program(s).  Here are some common websites that have been used as well as resources to help you get started.  Refer to this info sheet as to help you.  It might be beneficial to reference your  crowd funding page in any letters or emails you send to organizations.

Direct Outreach Letter(s)

A route you might want to take is reaching out to any organizations/departments off campus that you are affiliated with and see if they would be willing to fund a portion of your international experience. Students have received funding from outside departments/organizations as well as companies for which that they have completed internships   A formal letter explaining your situation and the impact funding would have for you is typically sufficient.  You can find a template to get started here. The best way to research companies/organizations is to think about what you are currently involved in and/or would like to do when you graduate.  

STA Book Now, Pay Later

This option allows you to reserve your roundtrip airfare for a nominal fee now and pay it off one week before your flights.  Payment plans are available, even though they're not promoted.  In the past STA has agreed to negotiate extended payment timeframes for students who needed more time to pay off the flight cost.  If you are interested contact them here

Funding Database

COS Pivot database  contains funding opportunities from many governments and private sources. While this is called the Community of Science, it applies to all disciplines, including education. You can search for funding sources that are specific to your interests.

For WhatWhen to Apply/WhereWho
Disseration Research Closed Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program
Dissertation Research Open Social Science Research Council
Dissertation or Post-Doctoral Research open American Association of University Women
Research Newly Independent States (NIS) American Councils for International Education - U.S. Research Scholar Programs
Research miscellaneous U.S. Department of Education
Short Term Study for U.S. Teachers Multiple

Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program

Study Abroad U.K. The U.S.-U.K. Fulbright
Study Abroad open School Youth Travel Association (SYTA)
Study Abroad open Study
Study Abroad open Gilman International Study Scholarship
Study Abroad open USD Graduate Student Association-SOLES
Study Abroad open USD Financial Aid Office
Study Abroad open Student
Study Abroad open Foundation for Global Scholars
Study & Research open The Fullbright U.S. Student Program
Study & Research open Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation
Study & Research various (areas critical to U.S. national security) National Security Education Program (NSEP) Graduate International Fellowships
Study Germany DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service
Study various Council on International Educational Exchange
Travel, Study, & Various various American Association of University Women
Various open Target All Around Scholarship
Various U.K. Association of Commonwealth Universities
Various U.K. British Council
Various open FastWeb!
Various open Sallie Mae
Various various Rotary International
Various open International Research & Exchanges Board(IREX)
Various countries of Eastern Europe, the New Independent States, Asia, and the Near East International Research & Exchanges Board