Undergraduate Leadership Internships

Department of Leadership Studies

An internship is the integration of theory and practice; an opportunity to take what’s been learned, and use this knowledge in more practical ways at an organization of your choosing. The internship experience can be one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of an undergraduate program. It’s an opportunity to enhance your technical skills, experiment with a variety of authority relationships, and in some instances even work with others to achieve a common organizational goal. The Department of Leadership Studies is pleased to offer students a wide variety of opportunities for internship and well as the support and encouragement of the faculty and staff.

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for finding an appropriate placement with the assistance of Teresa VanHorn, the Director of Field Experience and their advisor.  Students are also responsible for enrolling in the internship course. Students should enroll in LEAD 388:  Leadership Internship I or LEAD 389: Leadership Internship II.

Site Selection

Selecting a site is the most important step you will take. The director of field experiences (DFE), is the SOLES administrator will assist you in the process with input from your advisor.  To view opportunities vist our sites page or go to https://sandiego.joinhandshake.com/login or contact USD's Career Development Office for an appointment.  


The site selection process should occur in the semester PRIOR to the one that you plan to register for your internship. This is important because the 14 week semester moves very quickly.  Students who are not prepared in this way may be asked to defer doing an internship for another semester.