Site Selection

Selecting a site is perhaps the most important step you will take to begin your journey. Putting thought into this process will greatly enhance the “fit” between you, your site, and your field supervisor. Teresa VanHorn, director of field experiences (DFE), is the SOLES administrator who will assist you in the process. Some students identify a site on their own, while others seek assistance from the DFE. A database of internship possibilities is available for you to review. Students are required to meet with the DFE in order to review the database. Please refer to the “responsibilities” section for more details. The database is quite extensive; however, if you are still unable to identify a site, the DFE will work with you to contact other professionals in your specific area of interest.

Current internship opportunities


The site selection process should occur in the semester PRIOR to the one that you plan to register for your internship. You should have your site selected, talked with your field supervisor about your goals for the internship, and scheduled a triad meeting by the time the first seminar class meets at the university. This is important because the 14 week semester moves very quickly, and you want to be sure that you and your field supervisor agree on the goals and objectives for your work together. Students who are not prepared in this way may be asked to defer doing an internship for another semester. Our experience with this has shown that students who are not prepared in advance of the seminar do not get the maximum benefits from the internship experience.