Course Descriptions

EDUC523Qualitative Methods in Educational Research3More detail
EDSP375P/575PEvidence Based Inclusive Practices Mild/Moderate Disability3More detail
EDUC520Social Justice and Educational Equity3More detail
EDUC519Literature for Children and Adolescents3More detail
EDUC518Teaching Writing Across the Curriculum3More detail
EDUC517Multiple Literacies3More detail
EDUC513Human Development3More detail
EDUC516Innovations in Reading and Writing3More detail
EDUC515Advanced Theories of Language and Literacy3More detail
EDUC524Advanced Literacy Instruction for Elementary Teachers3More detail
EDUC539Advanced Pedagogy for Secondary Teachers3More detail
EDUC541Second Language Acquisition and Development3More detail
EDUC537Adolescent and Children's Literature and GLBTQ Communities3More detail
EDUC536Curricular Innovations 3More detail
EDUC342/542Psychological Foundations and teaching Models in Bilingual Classrooms3More detail
EDUC535Curriculum Design and Evaluation3More detail
EDUC544Technology in TESOL3More detail
EDUC334/534PMethods of Teaching Literacy in Secondary Schools in a Global Society3More detail
EDUC532PCurriculum and Methods of Teaching in Today's Global Secondary Classrooms3More detail
EDUC531Issues in Adult Development in ESL3More detail
EDUC545Language Politics, Policies and Education 3More detail
EDUC546Teaching English as a Foreign Language3More detail
EDUC540Introduction to Language and Linguistic Analysis3More detail
EDU558XBFirst and Second Language Development for the Classroom Teacher3 CEUMore detail
LEAD500Research, Design and Evaluation of Nonprofit Programs 4More detail
MFTS596PPracticum in MFT25More detail
MFTS595PPracticum in MFT15More detail
MFTS597PPracticum in MFT35More detail
EDUC385P/585P Elementary Curriculum Methods for Global Classrooms6More detail
EDUC543CMethods of Teaching English to Speaker of Other Languages6More detail
EDUC552PMCC Student Teaching II6More detail
EDSP490P/590PStudent Teaching Mild/Moderate Disabilities 6More detail
EDUC592Assessment of Instructional Competencies8More detail
EDUC593Assessment of Bilingual Cross-Cultural Competencies8More detail
EDUC490P/590PStudent Teaching for the Multiple Subject Credential9More detail
EDUC491P/591PStudent Teaching for the Single Subject Credential9More detail