Course Descriptions

LEAD581Special Topics: Letting Go To Lead1More detail
LEAD581Special Topics: Peace Leadership3More detail
LEAD579Special Topics: Qualitative Methods-Grounded Theory3More detail
LEAD583/4Special Topics: The Principalship I and II2More detail
MFTS578Spiritual Issues in Family Therapy1More detail
EDUC124Sport and Higher Education: The Student Athlete Experience2More detail
EDUC304St. Clare's Comparative Education 3More detail
EDUC528STEAM and Special Student Populations3More detail
LEAD511Strategic Planning and Positioning 2More detail
LEAD579Student Affairs and Higher Education Leadership in Qatar3More detail
LEAD594Student Affairs Graduate Assistant Seminar1.5More detail
LEAD387PStudent Leadership: Practical Experience1-3More detail
EDUC201Student Movements in Education3More detail
EDUC490P/590PStudent Teaching for the Multiple Subject Credential9More detail
EDUC491P/591PStudent Teaching for the Single Subject Credential9More detail
EDSP490S/590SStudent Teaching Mild to Moderate Disabilities Seminar1More detail
EDSP591PStudent Teaching Mild to Moderate Disabilities/Secondary1More detail
EDSP490P/590PStudent Teaching Mild/Moderate Disabilities 1-7More detail
EDUC490S/590SStudent Teaching Seminar for the Multiple Subject Credential3More detail
EDUC491S/591SStudent Teaching Seminar for the Single Subject Credentials3More detail
LEAD564Supporting Teachers for Instructional Improvement2More detail
LEAD564Supporting Teachers for Instructional Improvement2More detail
LEAD545Survey of Leadership Theory3More detail
LEAD582Survey Research Methods3More detail
LEAD616Survey Research Methods 3More detail
MFTS541Systemic Treatment of Children3More detail
MFTS570Systemic Treatment of Substance Abuse2More detail
EDUC503Teacher Leaders in Urban Schools3More detail
EDUC562Teaching Digital Readers3More detail
EDUC565Teaching Digital Writers3More detail
EDUC546Teaching English as a Foreign Language3More detail
EDUC360Teaching Physical Education in Elementary Schools3More detail
EDTE508Teaching Strategies and Social Development (Parent Education and Family Development)2More detail
EDUC586Teaching Students on the Autism Spectrum3More detail
EDUC559Teaching with Technology in Diverse Communities3More detail
EDUC518Teaching Writing Across the Curriculum3More detail
EDUC544Technology in TESOL3More detail
LEAD575The Community College 3More detail
LEAD620The Law and Politics of Education3More detail
LEAD604The Policy-Making Process 3More detail
EDUC572The Psychology of Mathematical Thinking3More detail
EDUC512The Struggles for Educational Equity3More detail
LEAD522Theories of Organizational Leadership and Cinematic Analysis3More detail
EDUC595Thesis 1-3More detail
LEAD595Thesis Supervision 1-3More detail
EDU704ITreatment of Severe Mental Illness 3More detail
LEAD519Understanding Bi-National Nonprofits In the US-Mexican Border Region2 More detail
LEAD579Volunteer Engagement1More detail
LEAD579Volunteer Engagement3More detail
LEAD574Women and Leadership3More detail
LEAD349Women in Leadership3More detail
LEAD567Writing for Publication 3More detail
EDUC563Youth and Digital Media1More detail