Course Descriptions

LEAD597PPracticum in School Administration I 3More detail
MFTS597PPracticum in MFT35More detail
EDSP598Education Specialist Roles and Responsibilities3More detail
LEAD598Leadership Internship - Masters3More detail
COUN598FClinical Mental Health Internship II3More detail
LEAD598PPracticum in School Administration II 3More detail
MFTS598PPracticum Extension1More detail
EDUC598PPracticum in Character Education1-2More detail
EDTE599Independent Study 1-3More detail
LEAD599Independent Study 1-6More detail
EDUC599Independent Study 1-3More detail
EDSP599Independent Study1-3More detail
LEAD600Leadership Theory and Practice3More detail
LEAD601Organizational Theory and Change 3More detail
LEAD602Leadership, Inquiry & Research I 3More detail
LEAD603Ethics and Leadership 3More detail
LEAD604The Policy-Making Process 3More detail
LEAD605Adult Development 3More detail
LEAD606Leadership, Inquiry & Research II 3More detail
LEAD607Applied Statistics and Quantitative Research Methods 3More detail
LEAD608Qualitative Research Methods 3More detail
LEAD609Evaluation: Theory and Practice 3More detail
LEAD610Dissertation Seminar 3More detail
LEAD612Advanced Qualitative Research Methods 3More detail
LEAD613Advanced Quantitative Research Methods 3More detail
LEAD615Action Research Methods II3More detail
LEAD620The Law and Politics of Education3More detail
LEAD621Sociology of Education and Educational Leadership Seminar3More detail
LEAD621Sociology of Education and Educational Leadership Seminar3More detail
LEAD695Dissertation 1-9More detail
LEAD698Leadership Internship - Doctoral 3More detail
LEAD699Independent Study 1-6More detail
EDU701IRecovery-oriented Case Management1More detail
EDU702ICollaborative Care 1More detail
EDU703IIndividual, Family, & Community Trauma 1More detail
EDU704ITreatment of Severe Mental Illness 3More detail