Course Descriptions

LEAD519Understanding Bi-National Nonprofits In the US-Mexican Border Region2 More detail
LEAD602Leadership, Inquiry & Research I 3More detail
LEAD603Ethics and Leadership 3More detail
LEAD604The Policy-Making Process 3More detail
LEAD605Adult Development 3More detail
LEAD606Leadership, Inquiry & Research II 3More detail
LEAD607Applied Statistics and Quantitative Research Methods 3More detail
LEAD608Qualitative Research Methods 3More detail
LEAD609Evaluation: Theory and Practice 3More detail
LEAD610Dissertation Seminar 3More detail
LEAD613Advanced Quantitative Research Methods 3More detail
LEAD612Advanced Qualitative Research Methods 3More detail
LEAD581Special Topics: Appreciative Inquiry - Summer 20112More detail
LEAD590Curriculum Development: Access, Assessment, and School Improvement I2More detail
LEAD551Human Relations for Leaders3More detail
LEAD699Independent Study 1-6More detail
LEAD695Dissertation 1-9More detail
MFTS575Social Neuroscience for Family Therapists 1More detail
MFTS574Aging Issues in Family Therapy 1More detail
MFTS571Family Violence1More detail
MFTS578Spiritual Issues in Family Therapy1More detail
MFTS543Developmental Psychopathology3More detail
MFTS544Psychopharmacology and Systems2More detail
MFTS545Families, Systems, and Health1More detail
MFTS546Couples and Sex Therapy3More detail
MFTS570Systemic Treatment of Substance Abuse2More detail
MFTS595PPracticum in MFT15More detail
MFTS596PPracticum in MFT25More detail
MFTS597PPracticum in MFT35More detail
MFTS572Gender Issues in Family Therapy 1More detail
MFTS542Families of Children with Special Needs 1More detail
MFTS533Family Development3More detail
MFTS598PPracticum Extension1More detail
MFTS573Group Therapy 2More detail
MFTS500Evidence Based Practice in Family Therapy3More detail
MFTS576Self of the Therapist 1More detail
MFTS524Family Therapy Theories II3More detail
MFTS528Psychopathology in the Family3More detail
MFTS529Ethical and Legal Issues in Family Therapy2More detail
MFTS532Human Diversity in Family Therapy3More detail
MFTS523Family Therapy Theories I3More detail
MFTS541Systemic Treatment of Children3More detail
MILS101Introduction to Leadership I3More detail
MILS201Foundations of Leadership3More detail