Course Descriptions

TitleLeadership and Organizational Change


We recognize on some fundamental level that we shape and are shaped by organizations. Our purpose in this course is to bring some sense-making to the increasingly complex world of organizational life. Beginning with a process of exploring what change means within ourselves, the course goes on to the study of classic theories and progresses to the critical analysis of emerging models. We will work to understand what brings meaningful, sustainable change to organizations and how different leadership models can be applied to this learning. In order to make this integration more "real" and embodied, the class-as-a-whole will become its own organization. This process will be informed and influenced by what is presented in class and how we choose to present ourselves. Students will also be expected to gain mastery in a nested systemic model of analysis applied to an organization, preferably one with an international reach. Our effort is to consider the implications of organizational change from the intra-personal to the eco-global levels so as to prepare ourselves to lead in the world of now as well as in the rapidly approaching future that awaits us all.

Section 1 - Zachary Green

Section 2 - Laura Deitrick

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First NameZachary
Last NameGreen