Course Descriptions

TitleSpecial Topics: Action Inquiry GLP -The Global Leadership Profile for Leadership Research & Coaching

LEAD 581 is a repeatable course number used for Special Topics in Leadership Studies. Students can take each topic only once.

“The Global Leadership Profile for Leadership Research and Coaching” begins with the three-day “Action Inquiry & the Global Leadership Profile” Workshop, presented by Elaine Herdman-Barker (lead GLP scorer), and Professor William Torbert, to be held March 7-9, 9am-5pm at SOLES for registered students and others. All registered students also meet with Professor Torbert on the weekend of Apr 4, 6-9, and Apr 5-6, 10am-4pm.

Course objectives:

1. Each student will take and receive feedback on the Global Leadership Profile before and during the initial 3-day workshop, as well as practice debriefing one another

2. All participants will learn about the developmental action-logics pertaining to individual development, organizational development, and to scientific paradigms, as described by the Collaborative Developmental Action Inquiry approach

3. Participants will also learn about related sentence-completion developmental measures (and the research on their validity and their correlates)

4. They will also learn about the dynamics of development and how to actively encourage their own and others’ development, if that is desired.

5. If students follow through by having two clients of their own take the GLP and debriefing them (with shadow coaching by Torbert or Herdman-Barker), they will become authorized GLP debriefers.

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