Course Descriptions

TitleLeading Dialogue

The purpose of this course, is to provide graduate students with an opportunity to receive three graduate credits in the Leadership Studies program for participating in an experiential training event related to their growth as a scholar and/or professional. This workshop is conducted through the SOLES affiliation with Public Conversations West, the San Diego based arm of an international organization devoted to promoting public dialogue on contentious and complex issues.

This course blends practice and theory, inviting students to learn through active engagement with dialogue methodologies while gaining grounding in various conceptual frameworks on dialogue.

Students enrolling in this special topics course will be responsible for attending all conference events, completing the assignments as noted below, and other papers and/or projects as assigned by the professor of record.

PLEASE NOTE: In addition to registration for academic credit, students MUST also complete registration through Public Conversations Project at

SyllabusPDF document (1.6 MB)
First NameZachary
Last NameGreen