Course Descriptions

TitleSocial Entrepreneurship – Innovations in Creating Social Value
Units2 - 3

This two – three credit, 10-week course will study the phenomenon known as social entrepreneurship, in both theory and practice. Social entrepreneurship is the study of business strategies, tools and approaches that address intractable social problems. Said efforts may take place within a nonprofit or for-profit setting (the latter in several different corporate structures/legal forms). Students will learn about the history and evolution of social entrepreneurship. The course will pay particular attention to the most successful social entrepreneurial ventures across the globe. Students will critically analyze and evaluate a variety of innovative approaches that are being employed to address difficult social problems. Students will consider the advantages and disadvantages of the many forms of social entrepreneurship, and the legal structures that differentiate them. Working in teams, students will create their own social venture, including a viable business plan for its inception and development. Upon completion of the course, an independent study option is available for students who wish to continue to develop their ventures.


*Permanent Number granted Fall 2014 - Prior to Fall 2014, course number was LEAD 579

SyllabusPDF document (168.6 KB)
First NameHans Peter
Last NameSchmitz