Course Descriptions

TitleFoundations of Leadership Coaching

The primary goal of this course is to offer an introduction to the theory and practice of executive coaching. Special emphasis will be placed on core competencies necessary for effective coaching and ethical practice. The course also offers experiential learning opportunities for students to make initial discoveries about their emergent coaching style through "real time" coaching practice.

Students admitted to graduate studies may take this course as part of their degree program. Professionals with experience in coaching, consultation, or related fields may enroll through continuing education.

PLEASE NOTE: Students enrolling in Foundation are informed that the first required course is one in a four course series toward university certification. Candidates for certification MUST complete all four course in the Executive Leadership Coaching program. This course alone does not constitute such certification.

This course previously ran under the number LEAD 579, until Fall 2015.

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First NameStefano
Last NameOlmeti