Course Descriptions

TitleIntroduction to Teaching and Learning

This course has been developed to help USD undergraduates explore and confirm career interests in education, with a focus on teaching. It is a required course for the Undergraduate Minor in Education. Presenting both historical and current views of teaching and education, this course encourages students to think more deeply, more broadly, and more systematically about what teaching is, what teachers do, and whether teaching is an appropriate career choice for them. In the course students will learn about research and theory-based views of educational history. They will develop an understanding of themselves as learners, explore how children learn, examine teaching practices and various contexts that support teaching and learning and learn to think critically about the contemporary issues related to teacher education. Participating together in learning activities in class will facilitate students’ learning. The expectation is that by the end of the course, students will begin to understand teaching as a profession that is a complex endeavor embedded in a larger organizational and social context.

SyllabusPDF document (624.4 KB)
First NameSandy
Last NameBuczynski