Course Descriptions

TitleHuman Relations for Leaders

The purpose of this course is to generate an essential diagnostic and strategic understanding of human relations associated with the exercise of leadership and authority in groups, schools, and organizational settings. It is assumed that these dynamics and processes – many of which are elusive and operate beyond our direct awareness – must be taken into consideration if we really want to understand the deeper significance of our actions and expand our zone of discretion by changing ineffective patterns of behavior.

The method is based on the premise that learning about human relations, leadership, authority, and organizational dynamics can best be accomplished by experiencing and reflecting on these realities in a direct, immediate and personal way. The course provides opportunities for participants: (1) to examine theories of leadership, authority and group dynamics in order to develop their own definitions and conceptual frameworks for diagnosing and intervening in educational and organizational systems; (2) to study and analyze the dynamic forces that influence the life of groups and organizations -- including those which are intentional and conscious as well as those that are unintended and less conscious; and, (3) to identify and evaluate their own assumptions and behaviors related to the exercise of leadership and authority.

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First NameTerri
Last NameMonroe