Course Descriptions

TitleSpecial Topics: Letting Go To Lead

The purpose of LEAD 581 - Special Topics, is to provide graduate students with an opportunity to receive graduate credits in the Leadership Studies program for participating and/or attending conferences, institutes, or other events related to their growth as a scholar and/or professional. Students enrolling in the special topics course(s) will be responsible for attending all conference events, completing the assignments as noted in your syllabus, and other papers and/or projects as assigned by the professor of record. 

Students who enroll in the Leading Dialogue course will be required to attend the Public Conversations Project event - Letting Go to Lead, at USD in its entirety, in addition to syllabus requirements of readings and written products. 

At a minimum each of you will be required to:

-meet with the instructor in some manner through the semester (or summer)

-complete reading assignments 

-attend the dialogue workshop 

-conduct your own dialogues(s) with a population of your choice (in consultation with instructor)

-submit reflection(s) of your learning through a paper, portfolio project, video, and/or any combination thereof



SyllabusPDF document (126.0 KB)
First NameCheryl
Last NameGetz