Course Descriptions

TitleSpecial Topics: Appreciative Inquiry - Summer 2011

The purpose of this course is to provide graduate students with an opportunity to receive graduate credits in the Leadership Studies program for participating and/or attending conferences, institutes, or other events related to their growth as a scholar and/or professional. Students enrolling in the special topics course(s) will be responsible for attending all conference events, completing the assignments as noted in your syllabus, and other papers and/or projects as assigned by the professor of record.

Students who enroll in this course will be required to attend the Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Training in its entirety, in addition to syllabus requirements of readings and written products. There is no additional cost for Facilitator Training; it is INCLUDED in your tuition. 

Successful completion of this workshop and course requirements including a practicum/supervised experience will result in certification as an appreciative inquiry facilitator. Upon completion of the course the student will be able to facilitate or co-facilitate appreciative inquiry sessions in organizations on a variety of topics.
This course is particularly applicable to those who are interested in leadership consulting, human resources, and developing leadership capacity in organizations.
Appreciative inquiry is an approach to organizational development that provides an alternative to traditional problem solving practices. It focuses organizational members on what works and involves a way of asking questions in a way that aligns organizational strengths. Appreciative inquiry has been used in a variety of sectors to foster positive change.

Faculty:  Cheryl Getz & George Reed

Syllabus forthcoming