Course Descriptions

TitleLeadership: The Gallery of Creative Possibilities

This course in no longer offered.  Last offered in Fall 2013.


The aim of this class is two fold: first, to provide an understanding of the nature of creativity based upon research and practice; and second, to present a series of creative pedagogical options for teaching.  This class is intended for students who would like to learn new ways of employing creativity when teaching university course content and for practitioners who would like to create a more intriguing audience experience. The class emphasizes developing a student’s ability to “become creatively self-aware and skilled at knowingly engaging learners in a proactive manner with investigating ‘potentialities’ via the production of future-oriented modes of learning.” (UNESCO World Conference, 2006) The class will explore new structures of learning to fulfill the needs of global 21st century educational ideologies. The course emphasis will be interdisciplinary and introduce students to theoretical constructs from a wide variety of humanities and arts disciplines and will encourage students to use these constructs in developing a teaching practice.  Students will be introduced to tools for analyzing and evaluating creative engagement and creativity support through group work. 


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