Course Descriptions

TitleStudent Affairs and Higher Education Leadership in Qatar

This course is an examination of student affairs and higher education in Doha, Qatar, specifically through the Qatar Foundation and Education City, which houses six partner higher education institutions that work together for educational excellence, social change, and community development.  This course is held in collaboration with the University of Maryland’s College Student Personnel and Higher Education master’s and doctoral programs.  Additionally, students will engage with higher education and student affairs administrators at Qatari universities through campus immersion and the Young Professionals Institute.  Content, activities, and discussions will focus on creating meaningful opportunities for growth and development of globally-minded students and professionals, serving increasingly diverse populations, and enhancing our cultural awareness and competence.  The course will also focus on implications of learning for educational policy and practice.  The course will be held primarily in Doha, Qatar with pre and post session classes in the School of Leadership and Education Sciences at USD. There will also be required readings and assignments prior to departure. Once in Qatar students will spend time most of the time at the Qatar Foundation and Educational City.  Additionally, there will be cultural visits within Qatar.

First NameCheryl
Last NameGetz