Course Descriptions

TitleProfessional Presentation Skill: Stand and Deliver! No More Boring Speeches

This course is for people who are interested in developing and strengthening their professional presentations skills.  There are three critical components of delivering a dynamic presentation and this course will help students master all three.  Preparation, engaging content, and dynamic delivery are what separate outstanding speakers from people who perform at a level of mediocrity.  This course will focus on helping students develop their sills in each of these areas: (a) Managing fear and anxiety, (b) Developing thought organization, (c) Integrating supportive evidence, emotional appeals, and stories to increase persuasiveness, (d) Using verbal and nonverbal cues to enhance the presentation and support the message, (e) Effective use of visual aids, PowerPoint, and other media to compliment NOT conduct or control the presentation, (f) Fielding questions with poise, professionalism, and self-confidence, and (g) Conveying enthusiasm, sincerity and personal conviction.

This course will be taught by Jackie Freiberg.