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TitleSpecial Topics: Situational Leadership

This two-day workshop offered in cooperation with the Center for Leadership Studies provides an introduction to Situational Leadership, one of the world's most ubiquitous frameworks for thinking about leadership. This course will provide students with an opportunity to learn about and apply the Situational Leadership's model and in so doing they will gain insights into methodologies for increasing leadership capacity in organizations. According to the situational approach to leadership, effective leadership practice requires that leaders be attuned to the ability and willingness of followers to perform tasks. From this perspective leadership can be viewed as a function of an interaction between leaders, followers, and the situational context. Participants will have the opportunity to learn the Situational Leadership® model, diagnose task readiness levels of subordinates, and be exposed to over fifty years of behavioral science research. The workshop is particularly appropriate to those who are interested in organizational leadership and consulting. The Center for Leadership Studies is one of the oldest training houses in the world. It is committed to helping people develop their inherent potential as leaders and to helping organizations succeed and prosper. Roughly seven hundred of the Fortune 1000 companies use Situational Leadership® as their primary leadership model. Most of class time is spent in dialogue, discussion, group and individual work, and experiential learning activities. Class participation and completion of assigned readings and journals are extremely important to individual and class learning and thus students will be graded on their preparation and participation.

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First NameGeorge E.
Last NameReed