Course Descriptions

TitlePurpose Based Consulting II: Transforming Organizations in the Here and Now
DescriptionThe capacity to work with emergent processes in real time requires leaders and consultants to have the resources to pay attention to the multiple levels and layers of lived experience. The framework of a Group Relations Conference offers a laboratory of human experience where participants have a unique opportunity to discover themselves in role in pursuit of the institutions purpose. This enables students to work effectively with the complexity of change and transformation in a living organization. This then provides a framework within which essential diagnostic and strategic understandings of organizational dynamics associated with the exercise of leadership and authority in organizational settings can be developed. By focusing on the forces and factors that enhance and inhibit the organization from working to purpose the students are able to attend to and interpret dynamics normally under the radar as forces for transformation. Module two is a specialized course embedded within the July, Leadership for Change experiential conference. Students in the specialization will form a conference sub-system that is designed to attend to the specific challenges in purpose based consulting supported by faculty schooled in Purpose Based Consultancy. This course will be offered Summer 2009. Prerequisites: Purpose Based Consulting I: A New Paradigm
First NameTerri
Last NameMonroe