Course Descriptions

TitlePurpose Based Consulting I: A New Paradigm
DescriptionAs human beings, organizationally and individually, we are at a juncture that offers tremendous opportunities to transform not just organizations, but also our vision for humanity and the way we live despite the daunting nature of the challenges now confronting us. Possibilities now exist for envisioning a new economy, new forms of governance, and even a new philosophy. Positive change, however, will require the capacity to embrace new perspectives and frameworks for action for which there may be no precedent in order to match the complexities of a new reality. It entails the ability to discern "right action" in the midst of the enormous uncertainty, chaos and anxiety that inevitably accompanies such deep change -- holding the possibility that the new world is not a variation on how things are now - but an essentially new paradigm for living. To envision and power positive change in such circumstances requires a deeply conscious effort to anchor oneself in a deeply held sense of fundamental purpose that becomes the primary reference point for considering where an organization is now, where it is heading, and how it strengthens the social, political, economic and spiritual fabric of its world. This course orients students to the changing global context of consulting to organizations and unpacks key frameworks central to the practice of purpose based consulting in the midst of the opportunities presented by the current worldwide transition. It will draw on Integral Theory and Practice, Adult development, the Transforming Experience Framework, Emergence Dynamics, leadership theory, and a framework drawn from the Native American traditions for integrating spiritual practice and experience. This course will be offered Summer 2009. Prerequisites: LEAD 550 or 600 AND LEAD 504, 551 or 585.
First NameTerri
Last NameMonroe