Course Descriptions

TitleGrounded Theory and Ethnography


Qualitative research has evolved tremendously over the last few decades. This class is designed to investigate in depth two research methods that support a very specific philosophy of qualitative inquiry. Both approaches take as their source the following: all meaning is actually a contested site of multiple practices, the social world in all its cultural and structural diversity is created and re-created through interaction and that it is up to the researcher to understand the meaning that individuals give to their activity.

Grounded Theory Method (GTM) will be examined as a systematic, inductive and comparative approach for conducting inquiry, designed for the purpose of constructing theory. This important qualitative research method will be taught to encourage researchers’ persistent interaction with their data, while remaining constantly involved with the emergence of an analytical frame. Students will also investigate the ethnographic method. From its historical roots in cultural anthropology this qualitative inquiry approach will be examined as a mode of inquiry that recognizes the centrality of culture as an analytic concept while orienting researchers with methodological pointers toward interaction. The methodological and theoretical fit between the two approaches will be examined.


First NameLea
Last NameHubbard