Course Descriptions

TitleAcademic Reading and Writing

This course offers intensive practice reading academic texts and writing academic papers, and it emphasizes argumentative and rhetorical elements, forms, and strategies. What is rhetoric? Rhetoric is the use of words or images to form attitudes or to induce actions in people. In addition to practicing critical reading and thinking skills, we will practice identifying, describing, and evaluating authors’ arguments, claims, warrants (assumptions), and rhetorical patterns and strategies. We will demonstrate our rhetorical skills as both readers and writers. Many of our reading and writing assignments will require analyzing the rhetoric of argumentative texts. We will continue to work on fundamental academic writing skills: entering academic debates, crafting thesis statements, structuring essays, developing and unifying paragraphs, incorporating information and ideas from textual sources, providing logical coherence and appropriate transitions at sentence and paragraph levels, structuring sentences, using appropriate diction (word choice), and demonstrating a command of grammar and mechanics. In addition, we will hone our documentation skills using APA style. Our overall goal in this course is to achieve professional competence, proficiency, and independence in the processes of reading, writing, revising, and documenting sources within the academy.

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First NameTimothy
Last NameRandell