Course Descriptions

TitleStudent Affairs Graduate Assistant Seminar

In this course, students work together with faculty, student affairs practitioners, and higher education professionals to integrate the theory and knowledge base of the academic program’s course work with the experiential learning of their assistantships in the Student Affairs/SOLES Collaborative (SASC). This course supports students’ individual development plans by asking them to analyze current events and issues in their workplace and connect them to the broader higher education community. An emphasis on topics and skills related to professional culture, action-inquiry, organizational dynamics, developmental theory, and diversity and inclusion will be made throughout the course. The application of student learning will be demonstrated through students’ ongoing learning outcome reflections and their contributions to a final exit learning outcome summary.

Section 01 - Cheryl Getz & Khalia Ii

Section 02 - Cheryl Getz & Margaret Leary

Section 03 - Christopher Newman

First NameCheryl
Last NameGetz