Course Descriptions

TitleStudent Leadership: Practical Experience

The Student Leadership Practical Experience is a course designed to provide a structured classroom experience to accompany a practical leadership experience on campus. Through the practical experience and classroom experience, students will focus on applying leadership concepts to practice, engage in reflection, and develop their leadership capacities. Practical experience placement must be pre-approved.

LEAD 387P:  Emerging Leaders Peer Facilitators - Instructor:  Tara Edberg

LEAD 387P:  United Front Multicultural Center - Instructor:  Mayté Pérez-­?Franco

LEAD 387P:  Women's Center - Instructor: Erin Lovette-Colyer & LaPorcha Ingram

LEAD 387P:  SSS Leadership and Peer Mentoring - Instructor:  Ryan Jumamil & Rececca Bernhardt

LEAD 387P:  Leadership for Social Change   - Instructor:  John Loggins



First NameCheryl
Last NameGetz