Course Descriptions

TitleLeadership and Contemporary Issues

National and global issues requiring leadership are presented as challenges to future leaders. Topics may include: social and political changes; environmental change and sustainability; the impact of technology; and generational changes. These issues all impact organizations and how we lead and require courage, commitment and compassion on the part of leaders, as well as technical knowledge and critical thinking skills in order to transform the potential of today’s world into a global community of justice and peace.

Spring 2017 - course details:
Leadership is needed, now more than ever. However, the type of leadership, and the approach leaders use to engage those they hope to lead, is more difficult and complex due to tensions among and within ourselves, our organizations, our communities and the larger society. This class will take two perspectives to explore contemporary issues in leadership. 1) We will examine leadership theories in the attempt to discover which ones are most relevant and useful to address current challenges, taking a deep look at more recent theories (Theory U, Integral Theory, Adaptive Leadership, Relational Leadership) and how they might help create connection and foster collaborative efforts. 2) We will look at current issues we face, and explore what approaches and solutions could be used to address them, giving special focus to issues of diversity, difference, and privilege. Students will be asked to work with their own contemporary issue throughout the semester in order to develop leadership strategies to address the challenge they face.

First NameLorri
Last NameSulpizio