Course Descriptions

TitleStudent Teaching Mild/Moderate Disabilities

Supervised full day semester long student teaching in settings serving individuals with mild to moderate disabilities. This includes individuals with a primary disability of specific learning disabilities, mild/moderate mental retardation, other health impairment, emotional disturbance, and autism spectrum disorders within the disability area, in kindergarten, grades 1 through 12, and classes organized primarily for adults in services across the continuum of program options available. Focus is on curriculum and instruction planning and delivery that addresses the individual needs of students while maintaining the integrity of age appropriate state mandated subject matter standards. Competency is demonstrated in relation to referral, assessment, IEP/IT P/BIP process, instruction, intervention, intervention, program, instructional and materials modification, consultation, coteaching, teacher inservice, behavior planning, and intervention. Theory, practice and research are integrated into activities designed to provide education specialists with a multiplicity of strategies and techniques for working with students, paraeducators, and general educators and ancillary professionals across the spectrum of inclusive education options. This course stresses the development and implementation of individual educational plans (IEPs) and individual transition plans (IT Ps). Planning and delivery of instruction concurrently attends to the need of English Language Learning and the diversity of student,
parent and community norms.