Course Descriptions

TitleEvidence Based Inclusive Practices Mild/Moderate Disability

Focus is on curriculum and instruction planning and delivery that addresses the individual needs of students with mild to moderate exceptionality that maintains the integrity of age appropriate state content area standards. Theory, practice, and research are integrated into activities designed to provide education specialists with a multiplicity of approaches for working with students, paraeducators, general educators, and ancillary professionals across the spectrum of inclusive education options. This course stresses the development and implementation of individual educational plans (IEPs) and individual transition plans (ITPs). 

Fieldwork: A 25-hour fieldwork commitment in order to complete the assignments and meet the performance–based competencies for this course is required. The regular consistent field-experience must provide sufficient time to complete the PACT project. Intern candidates must meet with the instructor to determine if their district contract special education placement meets all or some of the fieldwork requirements for this course.

SyllabusPDF document (999.9 KB)
First NameLarry
Last NameAlvarado