Course Descriptions

TitleLanguage, Literacy and Culture


This course highlights the perspective of teachers as border crossers and “cultural workers” (Freire, 1998). It provides a foundation in the intersection between language, literacy, and culture and its impact on educational practices by exposing candidates to relevant theory and research, and an in-depth experiential learning component in an international context (e.g., Mexico, Brazil, Spain, etc.). It encourages teachers to reflect upon and develop their own insights about the interactions between culture, language, literacy and schooling, and how they promote or interrupt processes that lead to educational equity and teaching for social justice. Candidates are expected to reflect on their own cultural understandings, expectations and social positionings. This course also focuses on culturally sensitive curriculum and instruction, and ways in which teachers can bridge students’ and families’ cultural practices and funds of knowledge into the curriculum, as well as develop positive, two-way relationships with families.

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First NameViviana
Last NameAlexandrowicz