Course Descriptions

TitleNonprofit Sector and Management Fundamentals

This is a survey course that is intended to prepare students for management roles in the nonprofit sector by helping them gain an understanding of America’s “nonprofit nation” and its place relative to nonprofit sectors throughout the world.  As such it will explore the development, history and nature of the sector, major issues it is facing, governance structures of nonprofit organizations, basic management and operating strategies. Topics will include: socio-economic and historical perspectives, the legal structure of nonprofits, board responsibilities, regulatory reform and accountability measures, the structure and nature of philanthropy, human resource management, and advocacy. The course is designed as an interactive learning experience that incorporates significant case study and group problem-solving exercises.  

This course is focused on the integration of theory with practice.  All students must affiliate themselves with a nonprofit organization they can refer to and work with throughout the semester; students are required to work in pairs or teams of three (up to four people is permitted for projects involving larger/more complex organizations) for a single client group.  Teams of four must have approval from the faculty.


SyllabusPDF document (305.6 KB)
First NameHans Peter
Last NameSchmitz