Course Descriptions

TitleLegal Issues, Human Resources and Risk Management for Nonprofit Professionals

This course is intended to prepare students for management roles in the nonprofit sector by helping them become familiar with the basic forms of not-for-profit entities and the principal differences in their structure, formation, and corporate governance regimes. It is also designed to acquaint students with methods and techniques for managing typical risks involved in the operation of nonprofit enterprises, including risks associated with employment matters, fiscal matters (e.g., fund raising, financial accounting), preserving tax-exempt status and lobbying, contract performance, real property matters, public relations, and the like. The course is focused on practice and will incorporate case study and group problem-solving exercises based on actual student or faculty experiences to provide interactive classroom learning. Faculty: Jane Rheinheimer, Esq.

SyllabusPDF document (49.5 KB)
First NameJane
Last NameRheinheimer