Course Descriptions

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COUN503Professional Orientation in Counseling2More detail
COUN504Prepracticum in Counseling Techniques3More detail
COUN505Human Development3More detail
COUN506Ethical and Legal Issues in School Counseling1More detail
COUN508Research Methods in Counseling3More detail
COUN510Career Development Across the Lifespan3More detail
COUN512College Counseling3More detail
COUN515Multicultural Counseling3More detail
COUN518Organization of Student Support Systems3More detail
COUN520Counseling Psychology: Theory & Practice3More detail
COUN525Group Dynamics3More detail
COUN530Assessment Techniques in Counseling3More detail
COUN532Designing Career Development Services3More detail
COUN536Counseling Children and Youth in School Setting3More detail
COUN537Applied Techniques in School Settings3More detail
COUN541Advanced Counseling: Diagnosis and Treatment Plan3More detail
COUN543Foundations of Clinical Mental Health Counseling3More detail
COUN544Introduction to Family Counseling3More detail
COUN545Introduction to Substance Abuse Counseling3More detail
COUN546Human Sexuality2More detail
COUN547Crisis Intervention Counseling3More detail
COUN548Forensic Ethical-Legal Issues in CMHC3More detail
COUN549Psychopharmacology with Culturally Diverse Clinical Mental Heath Clients2More detail
COUN550Assessment and Report Writing in CMHC3More detail
COUN587PClinical Mental Health Practicum3More detail
COUN588PPracticum in Schools3More detail
COUN589PPracticum - Adult3More detail
COUN590FFieldwork in School Setting3More detail
COUN597FClinical Mental Health Internship I3More detail
COUN598FClinical Mental Health Internship II3More detail
EDSP370P/570PAssessment Identification to Transition Special Education3More detail
EDSP371P/571PPositive Behavior and Instruction Management in SPED3More detail
EDSP372/572Language Variance and Assistive Technology3More detail
EDSP373P/573PCollaboration with Families and Professionals3More detail
EDSP374/574Global Perspectives and Foundations in SPED3More detail
EDSP375P/575PEvidence Based Inclusive Practices Mild/Moderate Disability3More detail
EDSP379/579Legal Ethical & Professional Practices in Diverse Society2More detail
EDSP389P/589PHealthy Environments/Inclusive Education in a Global Society3More detail
EDSP393S/593SPracticum Seminar for Individual Induction Plan IIP2More detail
EDSP399Independent Study1-3More detail
EDSP490P/590PStudent Teaching Mild/Moderate Disabilities 1-7More detail
EDSP490S/590SStudent Teaching Mild to Moderate Disabilities Seminar1More detail
EDSP549Special Topics in Special Education1-3More detail
EDSP591PStudent Teaching Mild to Moderate Disabilities/Secondary1More detail
EDSP594FField Based Advanced Behavior Analysis and Positive Behavior Supports1More detail
EDSP595Leadership and Management Skills3More detail
EDSP595FField Based Leadership and Management Skills1More detail
EDSP596FField Based Assessment for Curriculum Decisions1More detail
EDSP597FField Based Research in Special Education 1More detail
EDSP598Education Specialist Roles and Responsibilities3More detail
EDSP599Independent Study1-3More detail
EDTE111More detail
EDTE500Foundations of the Montessori System of Education (Philosophy and Method)3More detail
EDTE501Child Neuropsychiatry 2More detail
EDTE502Early Childhood Education 2More detail
EDTE503Anatomy, Physiology, Hygiene, Obstetrics, and Nutrition 2More detail
EDTE504Creating Healthy, Safe Environments for Infants and Toddlers 2More detail
EDTE505Human Relations and Self Awareness among Young Children 2More detail
EDTE506Field Experience (Observation and Teaching Practice)3More detail
EDTE507Perceptual-Motor Development2More detail
EDTE508Teaching Strategies and Social Development (Parent Education and Family Development)2More detail
EDTE509Creative Activities (Music, Art, Movement, Drama)2More detail
EDTE510Language Arts/Reading Curriculum and Instruction2More detail
EDTE511Mathematics and Science Curriculum and Instruction3More detail
EDTE579SOLES Experimental Topics Course3More detail
EDTE599Independent Study 1-3More detail
EDU701IRecovery-oriented Case Management1More detail
EDU702ICollaborative Care 1More detail
EDU703IIndividual, Family, & Community Trauma 1More detail
EDU704ITreatment of Severe Mental Illness 3More detail
EDUX787HFirst and Second Language Development for the Classroom Teacher3 CEUMore detail
EDUC101Introduction to Teaching and Learning3More detail
EDUC124Sport and Higher Education: The Student Athlete Experience2More detail
EDUC201Student Movements in Education3More detail
EDUC301Changemakers in Education3More detail
EDUC304St. Clare's Comparative Education 3More detail
EDUC307Spanish for Educators3More detail
EDUC332/532PCurriculum and Methods of Teaching in Today's Global Secondary Classrooms3More detail
EDUC334/534PMethods of Teaching Literacy in Secondary Schools in a Global Society3More detail
EDUC342/542Psychological Foundations and teaching Models in Bilingual Classrooms3More detail
EDUC360Teaching Physical Education in Elementary Schools3More detail
EDUC375/575PInclusive Curricula for Learners 5-22 3More detail
EDUC381C/581CMulticultural and Philosophical Foundations in a Global Society3More detail
EDUC382/582Psychological Foundations of Education in a Diverse Society3More detail
EDUC383P/583PMethods of Teaching Literacy and Language Arts3More detail
EDUC384C/584CMethods of Teaching English Language and Academic Development in Crosscultural Contexts3More detail
EDUC385P/585P Elementary Curriculum Methods for Global Classrooms6More detail
EDUC399Independent Study1-3More detail
EDUC490P/590PStudent Teaching for the Multiple Subject Credential9More detail
EDUC490S/590SStudent Teaching Seminar for the Multiple Subject Credential3More detail
EDUC491P/591PStudent Teaching for the Single Subject Credential9More detail
EDUC491S/591SStudent Teaching Seminar for the Single Subject Credentials3More detail
EDUC500Research Design and Methodology3More detail
EDUC501Family, School, and Community Partnerships3More detail
EDUC502History Teaching Seminar3More detail
EDUC503Teacher Leaders in Urban Schools3More detail
EDUC504International and Comparative Education3More detail
EDUC505Discourse, Schooling and Learning Communities3More detail
EDUC506Global Peace Education Capstone1More detail
EDUC507Creativity and Innovation in STEAM 3More detail
EDUC508Artistic Modeling and Representation in Science & Math Education3More detail
EDUC509Engineering Design Process in Math and Science Education3More detail
EDUC510Cognition and Learning 3More detail
EDUC511Educational reform3More detail
EDUC512The Struggles for Educational Equity3More detail
EDUC513Human Development3More detail
EDUC514Instructional Technology: Design and Evaluation3More detail
EDUC515Advanced Theories of Language and Literacy3More detail
EDUC516Innovations in Reading and Writing3More detail
EDUC517Multiple Literacies3More detail
EDUC518Teaching Writing Across the Curriculum3More detail
EDUC519Literature for Children and Adolescents3More detail
EDUC520Social Justice and Educational Equity3More detail
EDUC521Cognition and Learning3More detail
EDUC522Educational Research Methodology3More detail
EDUC523Qualitative Methods in Educational Research3More detail
EDUC524Advanced Literacy Instruction for Elementary Teachers3More detail
EDUC525Advanced Literacy Instruction for Secondary Teachers3More detail
EDUC526Advanced Methods of Teaching English Language and Academic Development3More detail
EDUC527Communication, Technology & Curriculum Design3More detail
EDUC528STEAM and Special Student Populations3More detail
EDUC529Language, Literacy and Culture3More detail
EDUC530Critical Literacy, Popular Culture and Media Studies3More detail
EDUC531Issues in Adult Development in ESL3More detail
EDUC532PCurriculum and Methods of Teaching in Today's Global Secondary Classrooms3More detail
EDUC533Designing Learning Environments for All3More detail
EDUC535Curriculum Design and Evaluation3More detail
EDUC536Curricular Innovations 3More detail
EDUC537Adolescent and Children's Literature and GLBTQ Communities3More detail
EDUC538Identifying and Responding to the Needs of Diverse Learners 3More detail
EDUC539Advanced Pedagogy for Secondary Teachers3More detail
EDUC540Introduction to Language and Linguistic Analysis3More detail
EDUC541Second Language Acquisition and Development3More detail
EDUC543CMethods of Teaching English to Speaker of Other Languages6More detail
EDUC544Technology in TESOL3More detail
EDUC545Language Politics, Policies and Education 3More detail
EDUC546Teaching English as a Foreign Language3More detail
EDUC547Development and Evaluation of TESOL Programs3More detail
EDUC548Special Topics in ESL3More detail
EDUC549PPracticum in TESOL3More detail
EDUC550Capstone Seminar3More detail
EDUC551PMCC Student Teaching I2More detail
EDUC552PMCC Student Teaching II6More detail
EDUC553Curriculum & Programs in Character Education3More detail
EDUC554Character-based Classroom Management 3More detail
EDUC555Leadership in Character Education 1-3More detail
EDUC556Instructional Strategies in Character Education3More detail
EDUC557Action Research MCC I3More detail
EDUC558Action Research MCC II1More detail
EDUC559Teaching with Technology in Diverse Communities3More detail
EDUC561Critical Media Literacy in the Classroom3More detail
EDUC562Teaching Digital Readers3More detail
EDUC563Youth and Digital Media1More detail
EDUC564Cross-Cultural Communication3More detail
EDUC565Teaching Digital Writers3More detail
EDUC566Participatory Learning in 21st Century Classrooms2More detail
EDUC567SMCC Student Teaching Seminar I3More detail
EDUC569Advanced Research Seminar in Math, Science and Technology3More detail
EDUC570Contemporary Issues, Trends, and Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education3More detail
EDUC571Curriculum Design and Evaluation in Math/Science/Technology3More detail
EDUC572The Psychology of Mathematical Thinking3More detail
EDUC573Advanced Seminar in Matematical Content3More detail
EDUC574Pedagogical Processes for Science Educators3More detail
EDUC576Advanced Seminar in Science Content3More detail
EDUC577MCC Student Teaching Seminar II1More detail
EDUC578Learning & Technology3More detail
EDUC579SOLES Experimental Topics CourseMore detail
EDUC580Master's Capstone Seminar3More detail
EDUC586Teaching Students on the Autism Spectrum3More detail
EDUC587Co-­Teaching: Collaborating in an Inclusive Environment3More detail
EDUC588Disability in Education Policy and Law3More detail
EDUC589Peace Education in a Global Society3More detail
EDUC592Assessment of Instructional Competencies8More detail
EDUC593Assessment of Bilingual Cross-Cultural Competencies8More detail
EDUC595Thesis 1-3More detail
EDUC598PPracticum in Character Education1-2More detail
EDUC599Independent Study 1-3More detail
LEAD150Emerging Leaders2More detail
LEAD160Personal Leadership, Self-Inquiry, and Discovery3More detail
LEAD161Emerging LeadersMore detail
LEAD162Outdoor Leadership3More detail
LEAD179President's Leadership Class3More detail
LEAD185Certifying for Change - Intro to the Nonprofit Sector1More detail
LEAD280Leadership Through Service-Learning3More detail
LEAD349Women in Leadership3More detail
LEAD350Leadership and Group Development3More detail
LEAD351Leadership for Change Capstone3More detail
LEAD352Nonprofit Leadership and Management3More detail
LEAD353Professional and Ethical Issues and the Practice of Leadership3More detail
LEAD354Leadership and Diversity in Organizations3More detail
LEAD355s/356sNonprofit Seminar I & II1More detail
LEAD357Leadership and the Practice of Presence3More detail
LEAD359Models of Participatory Leadership3More detail
LEAD360Global Leadership: Experiential Study of Culture & Leadership3More detail
LEAD365Professional Engagement1More detail
LEAD366Community Engagement1More detail
LEAD372Leadership and Spirtuality3More detail
LEAD373Lessons in Leadership: The American Presidency3More detail
LEAD379Experimental Course1-3More detail
LEAD387PStudent Leadership: Practical Experience1-3More detail
LEAD388/389Leadership Internship and Skill Development I & II1-3More detail
LEAD399/499Independent Study1-3More detail
LEAD470International Nongovernmental Organizations3More detail
LEAD475Social Enterprise and Innovation3More detail
LEAD485 Advanced Nonprofit Leadership and Management3More detail
LEAD500Research, Design and Evaluation of Nonprofit Programs 4More detail
LEAD501Nonprofit Sector: Theory and Practice3More detail
LEAD502Leadership and Ethics More detail
LEAD503Nonprofit Finance 3More detail
LEAD504Human Relations for Leaders 1More detail
LEAD505Developing Human Capital3More detail
LEAD506Resource Development & Marketing3More detail
LEAD507Community Partnerships & Civic Engagement 3More detail
LEAD508Grant Making for the Greater Good2More detail
LEAD509Legal Issues, Human Resources and Risk Management for Nonprofit Professionals2More detail
LEAD510Board Development2More detail
LEAD511Strategic Planning and Positioning 2More detail
LEAD512Collaboration 1More detail
LEAD513Advocacy Skills and Strategies 2More detail
LEAD514Public Speaking 1More detail
LEAD515Social Entrepreneurship – Innovations in Creating Social Value2 - 3More detail
LEAD517Capital & Endowment Campaign Planning 2More detail
LEAD518Nonprofits and Civil Society in Guatemala2More detail
LEAD519Understanding Bi-National Nonprofits In the US-Mexican Border Region2 More detail
LEAD520Volunteer Engagement1.0More detail
LEAD521Leadership: The Gallery of Creative PossibilitiesMore detail
LEAD522Theories of Organizational Leadership and Cinematic Analysis3More detail
LEAD530Creative Leadership - Assessment, Challenge & Support 1More detail
LEAD533Foundations of Leadership Coaching3More detail
LEAD535Models of Participatory Leadership 3More detail
LEAD545Survey of Leadership Theory3More detail
LEAD547Action Research Methods I 3More detail
LEAD548Introduction to Research MethodsMore detail
LEAD549Research Methods3More detail
LEAD550Integral Leadership Theory and Practice 3More detail
LEAD551Human Relations for Leaders3More detail
LEAD552Legal Framework for School Leadership3More detail
LEAD553Instructional Leadership and Supervision I 2More detail
LEAD554Instructional Leadership and Supervision II 2More detail
LEAD555Leadership and Ethics 3More detail
LEAD556ICulture, Leadership and Organizations3More detail
LEAD557Leadership and Spirituality 3More detail
LEAD558Leadership and the Dynamics of School Organization3More detail
LEAD559Leadership and Organizational Change3More detail
LEAD560School Law for Practicing Administrators3More detail
LEAD564Supporting Teachers for Instructional Improvement2More detail
LEAD564Supporting Teachers for Instructional Improvement2More detail
LEAD565Dynamics of Race, Gender and Culture in Higher Education3More detail
LEAD566Coaching and Mentoring 3More detail
LEAD567Writing for Publication 3More detail
LEAD569Meaning Making and the Collegiate Experience3More detail
LEAD571History and Philosophy of Higher Education 3More detail
LEAD572Leadership and Contemporary Issues 3More detail
LEAD573Economics of Education 3More detail
LEAD574Gender and Leadership3More detail
LEAD575The Community College 3More detail
LEAD576Community College Leadership 3More detail
LEAD577Higher Education Policy 3More detail
LEAD578Higher Education Administration 3More detail
LEAD579Human Rights Advocacy and International NGOs2 or 3More detail
LEAD579Policy Advocacy II2More detail
LEAD579Student Affairs and Higher Education Leadership in Qatar3More detail
LEAD579Leadership and Mindfulness Practice3More detail
LEAD579Experimental Topics1 - 3More detail
LEAD579Policy Advocacy: Local to Global1More detail
LEAD579Volunteer Engagement3More detail
LEAD579 Of Love and Leadership3More detail
LEAD579Ed Reform: Educational Systems in Post Conflict Environments3More detail
LEAD579Volunteer Engagement1More detail
LEAD579Social Media/Nonprofits1More detail
LEAD579IGlobal Perspectives in Higher Education3More detail
LEAD580Consulting to Groups 3More detail
LEAD581Special Topics in Leadership Studies - Overview1-3More detail
LEAD581Special Topics: Community College Leadership Academy3More detail
LEAD581Special Topics: Leading Schools in a Flat World - Summer 20093More detail
LEAD581Special Topics: Women in Higher Education Leadership3More detail
LEAD581Special Topics: Appreciative Inquiry - Summer 20112More detail
LEAD581Special Topics: Letting Go To Lead1More detail
LEAD581Special Topics: Peace Leadership3More detail
LEAD581Special Topics: Action Inquiry GLP -The Global Leadership Profile for Leadership Research & Coaching3More detail
LEAD581Spec Topics: Coaching to Lead 2More detail
LEAD581Special Topics: ILA - Professional development and conferences3More detail
LEAD582Survey Research Methods3More detail
LEAD583/4Special Topics: The Principalship I and II2More detail
LEAD585Leadership for Change 3More detail
LEAD586Leading Dialogue3More detail
LEAD587Action Research Methods II3More detail
LEAD588Diversity and the Preparation of School Leaders2More detail
LEAD589Capstone Seminar1More detail
LEAD590Curriculum Development: Access, Assessment, and School Improvement I2More detail
LEAD591Curriculum Development: Access, Assessment, and School Improvement II 2More detail
LEAD593PLeadership Coaching Practicum 1More detail
LEAD594Student Affairs Graduate Assistant Seminar1.5More detail
LEAD595Thesis Supervision 1-3More detail
LEAD597PPracticum in School Administration I 1-3More detail
LEAD598Leadership Internship - Masters3More detail
LEAD598PPracticum in School Administration II 1More detail
LEAD598PPracticum in School Administration II1More detail
LEAD599Independent Study 1-6More detail
LEAD600Integral Leadership Theory and Practice3More detail
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