Dean’s Graduate Research Fellowship/Assistantship Program in Learning and Teaching

Program Description

The University of San Diego through the School of Leadership and Education Sciences, and the Department of Learning and Teaching, is proud to offer the Dean’s Graduate Research Fellowship/Assistantship Program in Learning and Teaching. The Department of Learning and Teaching offers a limited number of Fellowships and Assistantships designed to support faculty research as well as department wide teacher education initiatives.  Awards include monetary support to offset tuition costs as well as opportunities to work closely with faculty to learn more about educational research and teacher education. 

Scholarship Requirements

To qualify for the Research Fellowship/Assistantship Program, the following criteria must be satisfied:

  • Must be a Graduate Student in the Department of Learning and Teaching.
  • Must be and remain in good academic standing each semester as per the University of San Diego’s Graduate Bulletin and program requirements.
  • Awards are determined annually.  Recipients wishing to request funding for additional academic year(s) must reapply.
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at
    • We understand some international students may be unable to complete the FAFSA. Please simply note that on your scholarship application.

Application Procedure

  1. Complete the Scholarship Application Form
  2. Letter of Recommendation from a professor. This letter should address the applicant’s academic performance and potential to contribute to the field of education upon completion of his or her degree program. Please have your recommender email the letter to and be sure they include " L&T Merit" in the Subject Line.

Application Form


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Please Select the Award Request you would like to be considered for.  Please Note the Hours of Services.

Indicate semester & year for which you are applying: (For Example: Fall 2011, Spring 2011, Academic Year 2011-2012, Other, if other please explain)

Please answer the following questions as completely as possible in order to help us better understand your interests, experience, and availability.  Your answers will help us to determine the best match between applicant, faculty, and project.

1. Describe your education and/or research interests.

2. Explain how participating in a research fellowship or assistantship will help support your academic and/or professional goals.

3. Describe any research and/or professional experiences you have had that have helped to prepare you for effective participation in a research fellowship or assistantship.

4. Describe your time commitments during the coming academic year. Will you have the time and opportunity to fully participate in a research fellowship or assistantship?

New Students:
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Current Students:
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