Faculty Load Form Instructions

The Faculty Load Form is an important tool in maintaining accurate data and is used for various purposes such as determining appropriate budget allocations, for ensuring that course releases are covered by part-time faculty, to assist with yearly reports submitted to the Institutional Research and Planning office, among others.

The load form should be fully completed. All activities that could potentially count towards load should be included on the form, whether the activities are performed outside of the university setting, as overload, or for release time. This will allow for the Dean's office to determine if an overload payment should be processed for faculty members or if funding needs to be transferred from one budget to another.

Following are specific instructions for each section:

Date: Insert the date the form is being completed.

Semester: Insert the semester for which the form is being completed.

Year: Insert the year in which the semester falls.

Name: Insert your name.

Department: Select the department to which you pertain.

Faculty Research Grant: Select Yes if you were awarded a grant for the semester in question. Otherwise, select No.

Program Director/Department Chair: Select Yes if you are.

Courses: Please list all classes that you are teaching during the semester for which the form is being completed. Be sure to include the four digit department code (e.g. EDUC), the course number (e.g. 554), and the name of the course. Be sure to include the number of units assigned each course as well.

Supervision: List the names of ALL the students you will be supervising (whether it be for practicum, fieldwork or student teaching) and the proportional number of units per student based on the Practicum & Fieldwork Compensation section of the Faculty and Personnel Handbook

Additional UnitsANY additional units must have been approved by your program director/department chair and by the Dean, and must be substantiated with written backup attached to this form. The units will not be accepted if backup is not provided. Include in this section any additional units you will be claiming for the semester that have not been listed above. Write a description and include the number of units to be applied.

Comments: Include here any comments that you believe will help clarify what you have included on the form.

Faculty Load Form