ELDA Forum

A school administrator’s job is often characterized as “lonely at the top”.  ELDA Forum serves as an antidote to that isolation. The ELDA Forum is a group of principals, vice principals and central office administrators who meet on a regular basis in an atmosphere of confidentiality, trust and openness.

ELDA Forum is personal form of peer networking that takes place in a safe, confidential environment. The skills and insights gained in ELDA Forum frequently strengthen a member’s professional, family and community endeavors. After the initial five-hour Forum training, members meet occasionally in training retreats to strengthen and renew the Forum experience. Currently three ELDA Forum groups meet monthly at USD, with each group setting their own schedule.

This is what one administrator says about the ELDA Forum experience:

“I LOVE ELDA Forum! I’m excited to attend Forum meetings and will gladly re-arrange calendar dates/times to participate. I love learning from my colleagues in such an honest and confidential environment. I also appreciate our different perspectives; Forum pushes my thinking and helps me look at old problems in a new way. Forum gives me strength.”

If you are an administrator in San Diego County and are interested in joining the ELDA Forum, please contact Janice Cook (janicecook@sandiego.edu) or call (619) 260-8711.

Current ELDA Forums