Academic Programs

The Educational Leadership Development Academy's academic programs are designed to produce and build a pool of highly qualified principals and instructional leaders who will successfully lead improvement in their schools.

In ELDA's programs, aspiring and existing administrators acquire the skills and competencies they need to be highly successful in leading continuous instructional improvement.  Customized credentialing and certificate programs give several opportunities to grow in leadership.  

LEAP (Leaders Exploring Administrative Possibilities)

The LEAP Program, designed for teacher leaders, team leaders, instructional coaches, department heads, members of leadership teams in schools, and district leaders, provides students with information, experience, and support to move toward a career in school leadership. The program does three things:

  • Recruits future site leaders and existing leaders for schools, and to provide initial leadership training and development.
  • Provides opportunities for candidates to learn more about their leadership capacity as they work with teachers, administrators, parents, and students to improve learning.
  • Creates a cadre of thoughtful, lifelong learners ready to pursue the next stage in their professional development and their careers.

Aspiring Leaders Program (Preliminary Administrative Services Credential)

Our Aspiring Leaders Program is designed to prepare outstanding teachers and school counselors for leadership roles in today's public and private schools. With a focus on instructional leadership and project-based learning, our program transforms professional educators into outstanding principals and school leaders. The program combines university coursework, relevant fieldwork and professional development, and apprenticeship to an exemplary principal through two years of part-time, cohort-based study.

New Leaders Program (Professional Administrative Services Credential)

Our New Leaders Program is designed for PK-12 school administrators seeking to advance their careers in educational leadership.  Candidates must hold a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential. Upon successful completion, students are eligible to apply to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for the Professional Administrative Services Credential.

Both our Aspiring Leaders and New Leaders Programs allow the candidate to apply selected credential coursework toward a Master of Arts or Ph.D. in Leadership Studies with a specialization in PK-12 School Leadership. Please contact the SOLES Admissions Office for more information.