Daniel C. Mayer


For over ten years Daniel Mayer worked in primate conservation at The Monkey Sanctuary, UK. Since then he has been a consultant in Creativity, Quality Assurance and Change Management in world-class manufacturing and service environments. He has been hired as a trouble-shooter, crisis manager, and to bring about cultural transformation in structural change for migration of Information Technology. He has been project leader in several major implementations of ISO 9000 standards. For the past several years he has taught leadership to graduate students at National University and collaborated with the Leadership Institute at the University of San Diego. With over 30 years teaching in both academic and organizational settings, previous experience includes instructing disturbed, abandoned and underprivileged children and teenagers, including juvenile delinquents, as well as students of filmmaking. He holds a BA in Liberal Arts, Masters degrees in Philosophy and Quality Engineering and is a PhD candidate in Philosophy.