Moises Baron


Moises Barón, Ph.D., has been teaching in the Marital and Family Therapy program since 1992. Dr. Barón is a clinical psychologist who has worked in a variety of outpatient and inpatient settings. He was director of psychology at Vista Hill Hospital and Director of the Counseling Center at USD. He currently serves as the university’s Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs for Student Wellness. Dr. Barón is also the founder of the COMPASS Family Center and the Special Education Advocacy Certificate program at USD. Dr. Barón has presented at numerous national and local conferences and is the developer of the Integrative Cross-Cultural Model, the Need Identification and Intervention Model for families of children with special needs, and co-developer of the Organizational Developmental Model of Inclusion.

Recent Publications:

Selected Publications and Presentations:

Barón, M. (2002, March).  Organizational Developmental Model of Inclusion.

Workshop presented at the 78th annual convention of the Americal College Personnel Association, Long Beach, CA.

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