Philip Hwang

Professor Emeritus

  • Counseling & Marital and Family Therapy
  • Ph.D. Marquette University, Counseling Psychology

For more than 25 years, Philip Hwang, Ph.D., has held various teaching and administrative duties at the University of San Diego. Presently he teaches part time at USD and works as a private consultant in leadership training, executive coaching and team building. Dr. Hwang is a specialist in group dynamics. Dr. Hwang also lectures and conducts seminars on Other-Esteem, Stress Management, Assertiveness Training, and Psychology of Forgiveness, Leadership, Organizational Change, and Multiculturalism. In 1995  Hwang authored a book entitled Other-Esteem: A Creative Response to a Society Obsessed with the Promotion of the Self. Dr. Hwang has received numerous awards and honors over the years for his teaching and service, and is a past recipient of the Career Achievement Award from California Association of Counseling and Development.