Ed Hidalgo

Director of World of Work

  • BA University of Miami, Communication Studies

Ed serves as the Director of the World of Work initiative at the University of San Diego’s Mobile Technology Learning Center. This initiative explores ways to connect the world of work to K12 education. His current role reflects many of the initiatives he drove at Qualcomm over the past decade where he worked in staffing/HR and government affairs. As a Senior Director of Government affairs, Ed was responsible for the Thinkabit_Lab®, a dedicated education-focused makerspace providing students exposure to technology and the world of work at Qualcomm. Prior to this role, he was responsible for the global contingent workforce, immigration, and relocation. He was the co-founder of a Qualcomm program called Career Explorations, which provides career counseling and coaching to Qualcomm employees. He also served as the executive sponsor for Qualcomm’s Workforce Development Labs, where he worked to promote youth and veteran engagement in workforce development and lifelong learning through hands-on “experienships”.

Ed’s background includes more than 17 years of staffing experience. Prior to his role at Qualcomm, he worked as an area manager for Manpower where he was responsible for technical recruiting and site-management operations, contributing to the employment of thousands of workers throughout San Diego County.

Ed is a co-founder of the Manpower High Tech High Academic Internship Program, which created more than 650 internships in more than 200 community businesses and agencies. He also serves on the Workforce Development Board at the San Diego Workforce Partnership.