Department Accolades

From our Alums

  • I wanted to once again let you know how much your class meant to me. With MLK day right around the corner, my students and I had a discussion about oppression, privilege, and ways in which we can spread MLK's dream of equality. I used some of the materials we used in your class and we had some very powerful conversations. We compared ranks and oppression in their home countries to the United States and it was eye-opening for both students and me. The passion they embodied around this topic reminded me of my attitude in your class. Your class was incredible and I learned so much. I will continue to use what I learned in your class in my daily life and teaching.

From the Spring and Summer 2012 Exit Survey - Things that contributed to the satisfaction with their experience in the L&T Programs:

  • The individual care and attention. I never felt like a number here. From my first day, I felt respected and genuinely supported.
  • The small classroom size I felt helped with the learning process.  I felt all of the classes were relevant to the real world (Behavior management, ELL class, etc.).  I and many of the other students enjoyed learning about assistive technology and wanted to have more time learning about it.
  • The thought-provoking courses and the close relationship between the professors and students.
  • I enjoyed the flexibility I have in choosing my classes and I really enjoyed the international experience portion of the program. I learned a lot about myself during the trip to Africa and the classes I took at the University and was able to apply what I learned in the classroom.
  • My advisor is awesome. He is firm and flexible and allows me to work through the various aspects of thesis writing and provides a lot of really good feedback.
  • Relationship with my advisor and her availability.  Opportunity to do research and collaborate.  Strong feedback concerning writing and assignments.  Faculty knowledge and experience.
  • (Almost) every faculty or staff member I interacted with in L&T was personable, knowledgeable, and interested in my doings and achievements. I felt that the vast majority of my professors were very qualified and passionate about the subject they were teaching. I was very satisfied with the department's dedication to progressive education and the development of quality, knowledgeable, and skilled educators.
  • Time - being able to take classes in the afternoon was a great help.   Internet access - being able to access databases from home was a great help   Advisors - they were really helpful, and cared a great deal.
  • My advisor is awesome. He is firm and flexible and allows me to work through the various aspects of thesis writing and provides a lot of really good feedback.

From our Community Partners

  • As the Academic Coordinator of the English Language Academy, a rigorous English language program at USD, I am always looking for outstanding instructors. Fortunately, I haven't had to look farther than the graduates of the Masters Program in Culture, Literacy, and TESOL. Currently, three of the 12 instructors on staff at the English Language Academy are graduates of this program; and in our summer program, over half of the instructors are SOLES graduates. The program's dual focus on theory and practical teaching skills has produced professionals with the passion and knowledge to make a real difference in the lives of our students.

Deborah Sundmacher, Academic Coordinator 
USD, English Language Academy

  • University of San Diego graduates are consistently among the most well prepared teachers I have observed over the course of my career.

Ben Daley, Chief Academic Officer 
High Tech High

  • Thanks, again, for sending such great teaching candidates my way last summer. My experience has been that USD produces thoughtful and well-prepared teachers.

Janie Griswold, Director 
High Tech Middle