Thought Leadership

The Department of Leadership Studies doesn’t just talk about leadership, we practice it.

From awarding the internationally recognized Outstanding Leadership Book Award acknowledging the power to influence thought, to a variety of annual conferences including the Women’s Higher Education Leadership Summit, and the international Leadership for Change conference, the department is on the leading edge of the field.  Encompassing both the academic world and the global public community, the department continues to support and promote, scholarly rigor, critical thought, innovation and emerging scholarship.

Current Initiatives

  • Outstanding Leadership Book Award
    This prestigious annual award includes works from thinkers from around the world who are making new inroads in the field of Leadership Studies. Read about past winners and how to submit for the current award.
  • Spotlight Speaker Series
    This in-depth speaker series hosted by the Department of Leadership Studies is focused on providing stimulating presentations and discussion from leaders and educators around the world. See this year’s presentations.
  • Conference Overviews
    As a thought leader and agent of change itself, the Department of Leadership Studies sponsors a wide variety of dynamic conferences throughout each year. View this year’s conferences.

Recent Speakers

Andy Hargraves 

Otto Scharmer - video