Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Help communities heal, one person at a time.

Here, you'll make a major impact on the lives of clients struggling with mental health issues—and moreover, the effects of your work will extend throughout families, social networks and communities. As a Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) student, you'll learn evidence-based practices through engaging coursework. Then, you'll have the opportunity to apply your academic knowledge and serve culturally diverse populations.

Through our core curriculum and practice in the field, you'll be prepared to become an exemplary counselor committed to ethical practice in diverse global contexts. We place a strong focus on program planning and evaluation, leadership, applied research and evidence-based interventions—as well as advocacy for human development issues and equitable access to quality services and programs. As a graduate of this program, you can work in a number of public and private clinical settings, or continue on to doctoral work.

This program offers a course schedule that can accommodate working professionals in the first two years, including the support of an advisor who can help you shape your studies and career path. When you step out into the professional world post-graduation, you'll be well prepared and deeply familiar with how to offer meaningful intervention and make lasting impact.

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 SOLES CMHC Student Ambassador Leila Atiyeh Meet SOLES CMHC Student Ambassador Leila Atiyeh

While studying at SOLES, Leila volunteers with the International Rescue Committee. "I want to work with clients who struggle with their cultural identity and those who have been impacted by war, torture and other human rights violations."

Our program ambassadors are here to support you and share their stories.

Courses that chart your path to making a difference.

Explore an extensive variety of coursework ranging from Human Development to Law and Ethics to Multicultural Counseling to Advanced Human Sexuality Counseling. See list of coursework here.

Get an education that delivers results.

SOLES students consistently pass their Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors exams at higher rates than the state average. Read more about our successful student outcomes here.