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Fueling K-12 Innovation. Informed by research, refined by practice.

MTLC offers educators a variety of professional learning services for successful transition into digital learning environments. Through research and evaluation, professional learning, and strategic direction, MTLC offers educators opportunities to transform their K-12 learning environments.  Our services build the capacity of school districts, school leaders and teachers, to create effective digital learning environments to increase student engagement and deepen student learning.  Our services are evidence-based and anchored in research. 

Our research shows that successful digital learning environments must have:

  • District and school leadership vision that is focused on teaching and learning outcomes, not on devices, technology tools or applications.
  • Stakeholders who understand and embrace the vision.
  • Sufficient infrastructure in place (e.g., bandwidth, hardware, tech support)
  • Curriculum integration training and support provided for teachers.
  • Professional learning for teachers and school leaders that is differentiated
  • Systematic opportunities for teachers to:
    • engage in ongoing, differentiated professional learning activities
    • integrate what they learn into classroom practices immediately after training
    • collaborate and plan with other teachers at the team and school levels and across schools to support their changing practice
  • A physical learning environment (e.g., classrooms, staff work space, informal spaces) aligned with teaching and learning goals.

Professional Learning Services 

Professional Learning for Principals, Teacher Leaders and Teachers

Competency Based Professional Learning
We work with districts to revisit their vision and develop explicit competencies aligned with Common Core State Standards, current research and best practices that support development of new pedagogies and ensure deeper learning for students. 

Capacity Building Learning Communities
Site leaders learn to design systems for ongoing teacher development through collaboration, feedback and evaluation of learning outcomes that drive powerful teaching and learning.

Teacher Leader Development
Teacher leaders develop leadership skills and strategies to become catalysts for effective mobile technology integration beyond their own classroom and school site.

Personalized Professional Learning for Teachers
Strategically designed by our professional learning specialists, this customized professional learning program delivers instruction to teachers on how to confidently transform their teaching to create powerful learning experiences for all students, promote mastery of content knowledge, and develop global competencies through integration of mobile technology.

Coaching in Google Apps for Education 
Through personalized instruction from Google-certified professional learning specialists, teachers build confidence and competency in using Google Apps for Education to increase productivity and facilitate collaboration among students.

Developing Digital Content
Teachers learn to develop and curate digital content, design lessons to meet the diverse needs of their students and transform teaching and learning in their classroom.   

Our work with districts to develop digital content includes:

  • implementing systems to support digital content development
  • assisting districts to select and develop a suite of digital tools
  • support in utilizing Learning Management Systems to create and share content
  • facilitation of instructional design/ mapping
  • facilitation of grade and content development of performance tasks

The Mobile Technology Learning Certificate
This fully online certificate program prepares teachers and school leaders for the implementation of mobile technology in their districts or at their school sites. The programs four courses are Digital Literacy for Teachers and Leaders, Social Media for Teaching and Learning, Student-Centered Learning with Mobile Technology and Leadership of Digital Environment.

Professional Learning for Superintendents and Central Office leaders

Superintendent Bootcamp (sponsored by HP)
Experienced K-12 superintendents prepare to lead the transformation of their district through the effective use of technology in this four-day, hands-on workshop. Participants will be supported through a transformational process centered on leadership in the digital age. 

Superintendent Workshops
Project-based sessions prepare experienced superintendents and school headmasters to implement effective transformational processes. These sessions develop the strong leadership capacity necessary to achieve a technology-transformed district or school that produces dramatic improvements in student performance.

Professional Learning for Central Office Leaders
Central office leaders are guided in the development of digital learning frameworks, alignment of LCAP objectives with desired outcomes, and advising site level administrators as they lead the digital transformation process in their schools. 

Learning Space Design

District leadership works with learning space design specialists to redesign existing and design for future physical learning environments to support new goals and best leverage facilities funding dollars.  The work will create an optimum alignment between learning and teaching goals and classroom spaces to provide a more student-centered and teacher-supportive approach to the time, pace, place and pathway of learning. 

Professional Learning for School Boards

Training for School Board Members
This one-day intensive training gives board of trustee members the foundation they need to provide leadership, vision and support necessary for successful transformation into digital learning environments. 

Topics covered:  

  • how innovation and global competencies fit into your vision
  • where professional learning, infrastructure, curriculum, parent involvement, scalability and sustainability fit in to your plan
  • how to create and implement effective systems to produce desired outcomes
  • develop benchmarks for student learning
  • how current policies and regulations support your vision

During this training, MTLC is also able to provide orientation to policy and legal issues that may occur during or after the transition to digital learning.