Women's Leadership Academy


The Women's Leadership Academy (WLA) was founded to increase women's leadership capacity by offering training and development programs and examining the complex social forces most relevant to women and leadership. Through academic research and applied practice, we work to understand and overcome the barriers that women face when exercising leadership.

The study of women and leadership is at a tipping point. We are in need of new conversations around gender and leadership, and we need to explore the 21st Century challenges that women are facing in their roles as leaders. The future is changing and our approach to preparing men and women for leadership roles must change as well. The WLA aims to to reexamine existing perspectives on gender dynamics and leadership and create new ways of understanding, knowing, and practicing leadership.

The WLA has a foundation in past and present theories of women and leadership, while challenging norms and attempting to focus forward, in an effort to consider and create some much needed break through paradigms.

How does the Women's Leadership Academy prepare women for leadership?

By helping women:

  • Establish a strong sense of self
  • Develop their voice
  • Own and acknowledge their power
  • Cultivate strong relationships
  • Practice courage and learn to take risks
  • Question and challenge social gender norms and standards
  • Learn about the complexities and challenges of leadership