The SHE Experience: A Leadership Adventure for Women

The purpose of the SHE Experience is to develop the leadership capacity of women through intensive and cutting-edge approaches to leadership practice. Integrating reflective, adaptive and practical work, this one-day leadership adventure will help women build the skills and strategies needed for today while preparing for the challenges and opportunities that will be faced tomorrow.

This is not your average leadership conference!

What is this event about?

  • This event is about women connecting with other women to develop themselves both personally and professionally.     
  • Women will have the opportunity to learn from top leadership experts.
  • The focus is on finding new ways to develop strategies and solutions to address life’s challenges.
  • Each participant will begin a purpose-driven leadership journey to develop her capacity to be a change-maker.    
  • The event features trained leadership experts to maximize group learning and leadership development.      

Event Date:

More Information Coming Soon! 

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$199 per person 

USD employees and current students should contact for discount rates.