2014 Schedule Coming Soon!

Sample Schedule


8:30-9:00 — Check-In/ Registration

9:00-9:30 — Welcome and Introductions

9:30-10:20 — Learning Team Meeting

10:20-10:30 — Break

10:30-12:00 — MBTI Leadership Workshop-Part I
In this workshop, participants get their Meyers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality profile and gain a full understanding of how personality impacts thoughts, behaviors, and actions, and how leaders can use personality to be more effective.

12:00-1:00 — Lunch and Free Time
Participants can visit Pavilion Dining or visit one of the many nearby off campus eateries.

1:00-2:00 — MBTI Leadership Workshop-Part II
In this workshop, participants will continue their exploration of the MBTI profile with activities that demonstrate the impact of personality on team performance, communication, and leadership.

2:00-3:00 — Leadership and Adult Development
What is leadership? How do we learn to exercise leadership most effectively, becoming the best leader we can be? In this session, participants talk about the real meaning of leadership, and consider the importance of their own development on their journey to becoming great leaders. This session incorporates leadership theory as well as self-awareness to create a foundation for leadership understanding.

3:00-3:15 — Break

3:15-3:45 — Understanding The Leadership Circle Profile
In this session presenters describe the leadership competencies and reactive strategies that make up The Leadership Circle (TLC) profile.

3:45-4:00 — Break

4:00-9:00 — The Leadership Circle Profile Coaching
Participants get their TLC profile results and an individual professional debrief and coaching session to better understand their leadership style and begin to create a leadership development plan. Each session lasts one hour. Participants will be scheduled for their hour long 1-on-1 session between 4:00 and 9:00pm.


8:00-8:30 — Continental Breakfast Provided

8:30-10:00 —Working with The Leadership Circle Profile Making Meaning Out of Results
Participants work with their TLC profile, exploring how their profile is impacted by personality and how leadership styles and actions impact ones organization. Participants continue to create an individual leadership development plan.

10:00-10:15 — Break

10:15-11:00 — Personal Values Workshop
The best leaders have a clear understanding of their personal values and ideals. Knowing and living in accordance with one’s values can help any leader (or aspiring leader) to clarify personal values, as well as shared values, that will guide them in all situations. When our values clash, either with our workplace, our colleagues, or with family and friends, it creates tension and conflict. In this session, participants work with their own values and discover how to align what is most important with how they live their life.

11:00- 12:00 — Change Profile
How we manage change is central to leadership, as leadership is, essentially, about navigating people through change. Participants learn how they deal with change by receiving their own “change profile”to discover ways to more effectively create and manage change.

12:00-1:00 — Lunch and Free Time
Participants can visit any of USD's open dining facilities or visit one of the many nearby off campus eateries.

1:00-2:00 — Got Stress? Keep it in Check
What do you do when you are in that moment when you just made a huge mistake, or are in a meeting and feel so frustrated you want to scream? How do you stay focused and productive when your personal life is overwhelming and demanding more than you can possibly give? Leadership roles don’t come with a pause button, and effective leadership means managing stress in order to stay effective. In this session, participants learn new strategies for dealing with overload, stress, anxiety and tension. Specific skills for being present and centered will be taught.

2:00-3:00 — Systems Thinking
Institutions of higher education are complex and dynamic. Taking a systemic perspective can help leaders approach problems and interact with others in more effective ways. Understanding and considering the entire system can make the difference between success and failure. How we interact with our colleagues and direct reports, how we address conflict and manage change can be very different when we incorporate systems thinking. Participants learn how to become a systems thinker in this session.

3:00-4:30 — Ethical Leadership
Leaders often face challenges that test their ethical resolve and integrity. Explore ethical leadership with real life situations and scenarios, and develop strategies to deal with ethical issues at colleges and universities.

4:30-5:00 — Learning To Face Adaptive Challenges In The Moment
In this session, all participants work together to explore the complexity of group dynamics as they occur in real time. Participants have an opportunity to examine issues and dynamics within the group that represent the larger dynamics of higher education and work to bring clarity to these concepts and ideas of the first two days.


8:00-8:30 — Continental Breakfast

8:30-9:15 — My Personality, My Leadership: reflections and awareness
With a full personality profile and a leadership 360º assessment, participants will connect all of the information to build a future leadership plan that will be relevant and useful.

9:15-12:15 — Hot Topics in Higher Education
In a morning full of workshops, panel discussions, and roundtables with leadership experts and higher education professionals, participants will cover some of the more pressing and relevant issues facing today’s higher education leaders. Some of the topics include:

  • Mentoring, Sponsoring, and Support- Who gives it, who gets it? Women need mentors, sponsors, and support as they navigate their career paths in higher education. How can we create networks to support each other?

  • The Dynamics of Difference- Explore the various differences and challenges women share in the workplace. Participants dialogue about how gender, race, and other differences can strengthen women while challenging our thinking.

  • Trends in Higher Education- Changing student demographics, more online and global learning, a national economic downturn, increased accountability…. How does the changing landscape of higher education impact the future of women in leadership?

12:15-1:15 — Lunch and Free Time
Participants can visit any of USD's open dining facilities or visit one of the many nearby off campus eateries.

1:15-2:30 — Learning Team Solutions
Participants use their newly acquired leadership skills to find solutions to their most challenging issues by working in teams and with a leadership coach in a collaborative and productive environment.

2:30-2:45 — Break

2:45-5:00 — Creative Leadership


8:00-8:30 — Continental Breakfast

8:30-9:15 — Goal Setting
Everyone knows what goals are, but few know how to actually create and set goals in ways that can make a difference and promote success. Participants’ learn the strategies of SMART goals in this workshop, and create some goals centered on their own leadership profile and personality results.

9:15-10:15 — Your Leadership Brand and Action Plan
As participants return to their college or university, how will they apply the information learned? In this session, participants will create a plan of action to continue their work and their build their own leadership development program.

10:15-10:30 — Break

10:30-11:30 — Feedforward…The Leader You are Meant to Be
Leaders are more effective when they have a solid personal plan. Participant’s begin their life-long path toward leadership development with feedforward in order to become both responsible and accountable for the leader you want to be.

11:30-12:00 — Final Remarks in the Here and Now

12:00-12:30 — Closing Circle