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Check-In/ Registration

Welcome and Introductions
As we begin our summit, we present a framework for the issues we will explore over the course of our four days together. Many of the topics we will explore help us understand how as women we have unique experiences that may be common to each of us in our daily lives.

Learning Team Meeting
Participants have been placed in teams that will support their learning in community with each other. This time will be used for teams to connect around expectations, challenges and learning goals most relevant to you and your team as you begin your journey toward developing your leadership capacity. 


Personal Values Workshop (Lorri Sulpizio & Cheryl Getz)
Knowing and living in accordance with one’s values can help any leader (or aspiring leader) to clarify personal values, as well as shared values, that will guide them in all situations. When our values clash, either with our workplace, our colleagues, or with family and friends, it can create tension and conflict. In this session, you will examine your own values and discover the importance of aligning what is most important in your life, with the work that you do as a professional in higher education.

MBTI Leadership Workshop-Part I (Lorri Sulpizio & Cheryl Getz)
In this session, facilitators provide an overview of the history and purpose of the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality profile. You will receive your MBTI personal profile and have an opportunity to do a self-assessment (decide if your profile is the best fit), and ask questions and seek clarification.


MBTI Leadership Workshop-Part II (Lorri Sulpizio & Cheryl Getz)
In this follow up session, we continue to work with your Meyers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality profile. We provide exercises to help you gain a better understanding of how personality impacts thoughts, behaviors, and actions. Finally, we will discuss how as leaders you can use this information about personality to be more effective.

Understanding The Leadership Circle Profile  (Cheryl Getz)
In this session facilitators describe the leadership competencies and reactive strategies that make up The Leadership Circle Profile (TLCP).

TLC Profile Coaching- (Certified TLCP Coaching Consultants)
Each participant will receive their TLCP results and a 50-minute individual professional debrief and coaching session. The session is designed to help you better understand your leadership style and to help you start thinking about how you can create a personal leadership development plan. (You can find the schedule for your session in your folder). 

Continental Breakfast
Conscious Leading: What is it and Why is it Important? (Cheryl Getz)
Conscious Leadership is the buzzword of the 21st Century. But what is leadership and how can we learn to become more thoughtful conscious leaders? In this session, we talk about the real meaning of leadership, and consider the importance of personal development on your journey to becoming a thoughtful and responsible leader.
Making Meaning of Your TLCP Results  (Cheryl Getz & Lorri Sulpizio)
In this session you will work with your group members to explore how your TLCP profile is influenced by your inner and outer life, leadership style, and the context of your work environment. You will begin to create an individual leadership development plan as you move toward a practice of conscious leadership.
Understanding Self within a System  (Cheryl Getz)
Institutions of higher education are complex and dynamic. Understanding your specific organizational setting requires taking a systemic approach. Knowing more about systems can help university leaders approach problems and interact with others in more effective ways, and can often make the difference between success and failure. In this experiential session you will examine your own roles within your organization, and learn the value of approaching leadership challenges from a systemic perspective.
Got Stress? Keep it in Check (Marilee Bresciani)
What do you do when you are in that moment when you just made a huge mistake, or are in a meeting and feel so frustrated you want to scream? How do you stay focused and productive when your personal life is overwhelming and demanding more than you can possibly give? Leadership roles don’t come with a pause button, and effective leadership means managing stress in order to stay effective. In this session, you will learn new strategies for dealing with overload, stress, anxiety and tension. Specific skills for being present and centered will be taught.
Conflict Management and Resolution (Lorri Sulpizio)
A critical skill for effective leadership is managing and resolving conflict. Women have unique experiences in organizations that both impede and enhance our ability to resolve conflict. In this session, you will learn specific strategies for addressing, managing, and resolving conflict. 
Run Your Own Race: Rules of Career Engagement (Amber Setter)
We are running: to meetings and appointments, to meet the next deadline, and at times into road bumps that leave us feeling stuck. With all this hurried movement, women have little time to stop and consider the destination they are moving towards let alone their best course of action to get there. This session will refuel you by taking a step back to see the big picture and identify where you want to go and your best path to arrive at your destination. It’s time to start your engines and get ready to run your own race!
Learning To Face Adaptive Challenges In The Moment
(Cheryl Getz & Lorri Sulpizio)           
In this session, we all work together to explore the complexity of group dynamics as they occur in real time. We have a wonderful opportunity to examine any issues and dynamics that have surfaced within your work-teams, or our summit as a whole. It’s possible that whatever surfaces may represent larger dynamics present in higher education. We will work together to bring clarity and to connect our learning to the concepts and ideas of the first two days of the summit.

Morning Mindfulness Meditation in Room 204 (optional) (Cheryl Getz)     
Continental Breakfast
My personality, My Leadership: reflections and awareness  (Lorri Sulpizio & Cheryl Getz)
With a full personality profile and a completed and reviewed TLCP assessment, participants work together to connect and clarify learning from the first two days of the summit. This session continues to help you build a leadership development plan that will be relevant and useful.
Structure and Communication (Meenakshi Chakraverti)
Many women feel stuck in the structure of their organization, often finding themselves unable to communicate effectively with colleagues, peers, and students. In this presentation, dialogue expert Meenakshi Chakraverti presents how we can change the structure of our organizations in ways that will enhance communication. Addressing the challenging issues of power and voice, this session will help you notice how to apply the appropriate communication strategies that are best for your organizational structure. When viewed in the context of the larger institutional structure, women leaders can enhance their systemic perspective to exercise more effective leadership. 
Special Guest: Dean Paula Cordeiro: USD School of Leadership and Education Sciences
10:45- 12:15
Hot Topics in Higher Education  
In this session we have an opportunity to engage with leadership experts and higher education professionals. We will dialogue about some of controversial and relevant issues facing today’s higher education leaders. Topics may include:
  • Mentoring, Sponsoring, and Support- Who gives it, and who gets it? Women need mentors, sponsors, and support as they navigate their career paths in higher education. How can we create networks to support each other?
  • The Dynamics of Difference and Inclusion - Explore the various differences and challenges women share in the workplace.  Participants dialogue about how gender, race, and other differences can strengthen women while challenging our thinking.
  • Trends in Higher Education- Changing student demographics, increased violence on campus, a national economic downturn, increased accountability…. How does the changing landscape of higher education impact the future of women in leadership?
Learning Team Solutions
During this time you will use your newly acquired leadership insights to explore the range of solutions to your most challenging issues. Participants work individually, in teams and with a leadership coach in a collaborative and productive environment to explore solutions to a wide range of perplexing problems.
Teamwork Tango: How To Lead and When To Follow (Yael Schy) (Rm 145*)
Today’s organizations require that workers be adaptable. The daily “dance” between leaders and followers requires mutual understanding and a balance of give and take. Yet, we often get type cast in the role of leader or follower. In order to be a productive team member, one must understand the difficulties of being a team leader; and truly effective leaders also know how to follow. This interactive leadership workshop utilizes innovative movement techniques for understanding principles of leading and following in organizations. * Please note the room change for this session to 145 

Morning Mindfulness Meditation in Room 204 (optional) (Cheryl Getz)     
Continental Breakfast
Coming Full Circle - Developing a Leadership Identity  (Lorri Sulpizio)
Developing a leader identity is critical. This includes understanding how gender bias impacts women in the workplace, how multiple roles women hold impact and influence thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and how our expressions of gender manifest in our leadership practice. Working with your TLCP assessment and other summit learning, you will map your own leadership identity, solidify your sense of self, and move forward with your long-term leadership development plan.
Your Leadership Brand and Action Plan  (Lorri Sulpizio)
As you return to your college or university, how will you apply all that you learned at the summit? In this session you will develop a plan of action to continue your work and set your intention to commit to the leadership development plan you created.
Power Up and Feed Forward…The Leader You are Meant to Be (Lorri Sulpizio & Cheryl Getz)
The learning journey is continuous. As you depart you will begin/continue your life-long path toward leadership excellence. In this session we encourage and engage you in a process feeding forward-to become both responsible and accountable for the leader you want to become.
Final Remarks and Closing Circle