Current Projects

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Research Projects

Digital Promise Optimizing Technology for Learning (Nationwide)

In partnership with Digital Promise, the Pearson Foundation, and the National Network of State Teachers of the Year, MTLC researchers are participating in a national study to examine the use of technology in K-12 settings.   Various technology integration options have been looked at across the nation including 1:1 devices, bring-your-own-device (BYOD), blended learning, flipped classrooms and virtual learning environments.  The purpose of the study is to identify promising instructional strategies using technology and best practices in technology integration. View research product from this partnership. 

Houston Independent School District One-to-One

MTLC is in year one of a three-year evaluation of the Houston Independent School District’s (HISD) one-to-one technology program which when complete will encompass all 45 HISD high schools. The purpose of the evaluation is to develop a greater understanding of how to use technology to engage students and improve student achievement.

San Diego County School Districts Technology Needs Assessment

MTLC is conducting a technology needs assessment of K-12 school districts in San Diego County.

Technology Integration in Cajon Valley Union School District (El Cajon, CA)

Building on the MTLC study conducted in the district in the previous school year, MTLC researchers are studying the current landscape of technology integration in the district.  The study centers on the current uses of technology in the district, the readiness of teachers to integrate technology into their instructional practices, the resources needed for the effective integration of technology into the district, and finding instructional best practices with technology. 

Technology Review in New Bedford Public Schools (New Bedford, MA)

MTLC has partnered with New Bedford Public Schools in the state of Massachusetts to conduct a technology review in preparation for the integration of technology. This study will work to ‘map’ the quantity and quality of current technology devices, infrastructure and other technology resources in the district.  As a part of the review, MTLC researchers will also study teachers’ current use of technology, their professional development needs to use technology, and the space design of classrooms for the use of technology.  The purpose of this research is to support the district in preparing for the effective integration of technology in the future.

Conference Research Presentations

UNESCO February 17-21

MTLC hosted a session during UNESCO's Mobile Learning Week 2014 featuring MTLC researchers and three of the top district leaders in the field of mobile learning from the United States.  Together these leaders and their districts represented a multi-dimensional cross-section of mobile learning in the United States.

American Educational Research Association, April 3-7

MTLC graduate assistants Kai Thomas and Maria Kelly presented research findings from Encinitas iPad Project at AERA's annual meeting.