Faculty Grants

Next Deadline: October 1, 2012

The purpose of the SOLES Global Faculty Grants program is to help SOLES internationalize the curriculum by promoting collaborative research on international themes and/or by exposing faculty to different cultures and languages. The committee will evaluate proposals on the strength of their connection to SOLES’ internationalization goal and to the perceived benefit towards increasing faculty members' research programs or language fluency. The committee will consider how the proposed project will strengthen the faculty member’s scholarship and build a scholar's long-term international research agenda.

Selection Criteria

  1. Quality and significance of the proposal;
  2. Thoughtfulness given to its applicability to research and publication on international themes and/or from various cultural perspectives.
  3. The proposal should show evidence that the faculty member will deepen his/her understanding of their field of study within other cultural contexts and/or about international and/or language and culture issues.

Guidelines for SOLES Global Faculty Grants

All proposals submitted must deal with either international topics in your field of teaching and scholarship, or language/culture learning.  International research implies that the scholarship you undertake will examine practices within that particular context or from the perspective of that context; this might mean research in another country or about another country

Priority is given to proposals for:

  • International research with colleagues in at least one other nation or culture;
  • International research with at least one SOLES student involved;
  • Travel to another nation with the primary purpose being to improve language skills or language lessons offered in San Diego.

Possible Evidence to be submitted once the project is completed and before another grant is awarded (only one may be selected):

  • Refereed article accepted for publication ($5,000). If submitting an article with multiple authors from SOLES, proposal must indicate how funds are to be distributed.
  • Non-refereed article accepted for publication ($1,000)
  • Book contract with publisher  ($2,500)
  • Book chapter accepted for publication ($1,500)
  • Editor of special issue of journal ($1,500)
  • Creation of a new syllabus or thoroughly revised existing course syllabus ($500)
  • Evidence of increased language fluency ($2,000)
  • Working paper presented to faculty and students and posted on SOLES Global web site ($500)


  • Complete the proposal: “SOLES Global Grant Proposal” (see below)
  • Once the proposal is approved by the Global Grants Committee, be sure to keep the approved copy of the proposal.
  • Once the project is completed, submit appropriate evidence.
  • Monetary award will be made.

SOLES Global Faculty Grant Proposal

This grant proposal may be connected to a FRG application. If you plan to include student(s) in your project, your proposal can include how you will use the monetary award to support the student.

Faculty Member’s Name:

Today’s Date:

Anticipated Completion of Project Date: (this date should reflect when you estimate you  will be able to provide the appropriate evidence of completion)

  • Describe the project you hope to accomplish. Be sure to include what country(ies) are involved and the name(s) of other(s) involved,  if appropriate. Include your anticipated project outcomes. (Please do not exceed two pages).
  • Using the list of possible evidence provided*, describe what type of evidence you will eventually submit for this project.

Possible evidence includes: refereed article, non-refereed article book contract, book chapter, editor of special issue of journal, creation of a new or thoroughly revised course syllabus, evidence of increased language fluency, working paper

*If you have submitted a proposal for language study, please inform the committee as to what evidence you will provide at the completion of this project. (e.g., letter from the language school stating your incoming language level and exiting language level; language level test scores, etc.).